Need a Smart Wi-Fi Camera for a short period? Have you thought about Smart Camera Rental from Smart Tech Shop?

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Need a Smart Camera for Short Term project?

Have you ever thought about renting a Wireless Camera (or Cameras) for a project, investigation or temporary event? OK the cost of many cameras are coming down, but if it is short term requirement, it may not work out cost effective. Sure you can take the camera down, and re-use elsewhere. If this is the case, great! Browse our range of Smart Security products, but if you only need something for a short period of time, why not rent one?

Who might benefit from this Service?

Are you in construction and want to protect your site, machinery or materials when the site is unattended? Smart Cameras are a great choice. It’s a lot cheaper than hiring Night Security, or covering the loss of damage or theft.

Are you organising a festival, or outdoor event and need Security Cameras for a few days, or something to capture the fun and social shares.

Maybe your vegetables are disappearing or getting damaged on your allotment and want to see who or what is responsible,. Put a camera up and get notified of movement alerts or capture high quality images in any lighting or weather conditions.

Perhaps your a Nature Lover and want to capture that elusive footage of a rare or shy animal and can’t spend hours in a hide, or you go camping and want to keep an eye on your tent while you’re out walking.

What Smart Cameras can I rent?

We have a range of Smart Cameras from Reolink, Arenti, Ezviz and CPVan amongst others and we can supply with a 4G Data SIM where no Wi-Fi is available. All cameras will be supplied with an SD card for local recordings. We will also provide Cloud based storage for back up, just in case something happens to the camera or the SD card. The Smart camera(s) will be supplied fully charged (they do not require any wires or cables in case you wondered). In most cases the battery will be good for at least 1 month, or for longer term rentals we can supply a Solar Panel to provide uninterruptable power.

Where do you offer this service?

We will be trialling this service initially in the DL, TS, SR and DH postcode areas, but welcome feedback from anywhere in the UK if this may be of interest. Please complete the short form below to register your interest or get a quote for Smart Security Camera Rental if you are in one of our Phase 1 catchment areas.

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