We design and supply home and office automation products to suit all budgets and levels of automation. Whether you want a simple light to come on/off remotely, monitor your energy usage or provide a full Home Security system we can help.

Smart Tech Shop is the dream, passion, vision and brainchild of Simon, The Smartech Guy, our owner and founder. Simon has worked in the AI, Technology and Communications space for over 20 years and has a healthy obsession for new and emerging technologies. We have spent several years automating our own homes, which we have learnt to do ourselves, on very small budgets. We started experimenting with IFTTT and applying what we learnt around the interoperability of IoT devices and how they communicate.

A Ring Doorbell, depending on the version, will cost between £129 and £179, but you can achieve the same functionality by using separate products, that can offer greater flexibility. For example, a Samsung Smartthings Multi Sensor detects both Open/Closed states, as well as vibration, combined with a WiFi Camera that has 2-way Microphone/Speaker and a Smart Scene you get a notification on one, or more, mobile devices, start a Video recording session by Alarm, all for less than £70, with no less functionality.

A Smoke/CO2 Alarm, that is made smart can be configured to sound your external Burglar Alarm siren, or notify you via Mobile Message, anywhere in the world. Pair that with an Internal WiFi Camera (the same one that provides your Home Security) to view an area around the Alarm, and confirm if Fire or Smoke is present. If there is, you can notify a neighbour or Emergency Services, or silence/reset the alarm remotely. Peace of Mind.

The possibilities are almost endless, but rest assured that you do not need to buy an entire system from a Single Manufacturer, you can create your ideal customised setup from the plethora of devices available out there, including Somfy, Samsung Smartthings, Hive, Nest, Tado, Amazon, Sonoff, Ring, Phillips Hue, iGeek and many many others. If the combinations are confusing, or you need help designing the ideal system for you, whether starting small, or GOING LARGE, then complete our Make an Enquiry form, we can arrange a Web Conference Call, visit your home, or send you a Recommendation Report by email, what ever suits your needs.

Smart Tech Shop can supply and deliver the devices to your door, with a Step-by-step guide to install yourself, or we can provide a complete design & Installation service. Pricing is simple, uncomplicated and will never require subscriptions. We also provide Security audits on new and existing Home Automation systems, including Remote Access and Password vulnerabilities.

We promise our Customer Service will be second to none, we will support the systems and devices we supply, not back this off to Manufacturers, or send you on a Wild Goose Chase with Warranty returns. Our advice will always be solid, based on experience, and not prejudiced by Brand Incentives.